Facebook phone number

Facebook Phone Number

Facebook is a best social networking company and its headquarters is located in  Menlo Park, California or data or its data center is located in 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, California US. It is an important utility that helps users to stay connected with family, friends or society. But some time many users face various type of issue in using facebooks such as Facebook login problem, unable to recover forgotten Facebook password or any other. Then in this situation, they can get help from our highly dedicated well-trained or qualified technicians. our facebook customer service is 24*7 available and instantly resolve any type of facebook issue.

Services provided by our Facebook customer service team:

  • Not able to reach Facebook help center
  • Unable to login and set the right Facebook setting
  • An issue in login or logout facebook account
  • Technical support related to Facebook apps, games etc
  • Support for images/video when not appearing in your timeline
  • Resolve technical issues while video calling and chat related problems
  • Support for Facebook messages is not sending and receiving
  • Give ideas to make your Facebook safe, secure, and hack-proof
  • Fix various security and privacy issues and unable to play Facebook online games
  • Help to resolve an issue in creating a Facebook fan page and getting unnecessary friend requests
  • Support to set the cover page images and profile images
  • Fix technical inconvenience while uploading videos or photos
  • Support to hide your private information
  • Help to promote your fan page and stop getting bulk messages from unknown people
  • Shootout tagging friends with the picture and Facebook account has been hacked
  • A problem in creating a Facebook business page
  • A problem in creating a facebook page

How to contact official Facebook customer support

Official facebook customer support directly does not provides any contact number for customers help. If you have any type of common facebook problem, then you can visit the Official facebook help center. On official Facebook help page, you can access predefined solution of common facebook problems. If you are still unable to get a proper solution to your problem, then you can ask a question on facebook help community. If still, you are unable to get a proper solution to your problem then you can dial our third-party Facebook Phone Number. Here our customer support team provides the best possible solution to the problem with 100% satisfaction.

Some common users query related to facebo0ok

There is a list some common users query and their solution

How to create a facebook account
  • first, visit this page https://www.facebook.com/r.php
  • Then enter necessary personal details such as name, email, phone number, password, date of birth or gender
  • after that click on signs up
  • To finish your account creation process first you need to confirm your email or phone number
How can I make my facebook password strong
  • choose at least 8 characters long password
  • try to make a combination of letter number or symbols
  • Use lowercase or upper case letters
How do I change or reset my facebook password
  • Go to the setting on the right corner of the facebook page
  • After that click on security or login
  • then click on edit in front of change password
  • then click on save changes
How do I create a page on Facebook
  • Fist go to this page facebook.com/pages/create
  • then choose the page type
  • after that feel the required information
  • then click on get started
Can I merge 2 Facebook pages

If  you want to merge 2 Facebook pages with the same information or same name and you are admin of both pages, then follow these simple steps to merge both pages

  • Go to this page facebook.com/pages/merge
  • select 2 pages that you want to merge, then click on continue
  • Then request merge
How do I change my facebook page name
  • Click on the about on the left corner of the page
  • Click on edit in front of a page name
  • Then enter page name and click on continue
  • Then click on request change

Why do we need to dial or Facebook phone number

When you use facebook you may face various type of issue, If you are unable to resolve your issue then you can contact our third-party facebook customer support team through our toll-free facebook phone number +1 833 223 4335. Our facebook customer support team is 24*7 available for your help so you can call us anytime and ask any type of question.  We have highly qualified or well-trained technicians and they have the ability to solve any type of problem instantly.